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Dragging Anchor - John Martin

If you suspect the anchor is dragging, put your finger on the anchor rode and you can feel the anchor skipping on the bottom.

Mark your anchor rode -  John Martin

Mark your anchor rode every 20 feet, weave a plastic flag into your anchor rode.  The commercially available anchor rode markers are the best, most durable.  They are different colors, have the numbers printed on them, and are made of a fabric material that is infused with plastic.  These markers can assist in determining water depth, and scope.

Heavy-Duty, Light-Weight Anchoring - Jeff Andrews

Since most sailboats on Lake Lanier are not equipped with windlasses, we must haul our anchors up my hand, so weight is important. It’s usually good to keep weight low in the bow of the boat when motoring and sailing too. Good holding power can be achieved while keeping weight low by selecting the right anchor and chain.

Although there are many other good anchor choices, the Danforth is the anchor of choice for many Lake Lanier boaters. They hold well in most Lanier conditions, they are relatively light in weight and they fold nicely into the small space of most anchor lockers.

A substantial amount of weight can be saved by selecting the HT versions of both the anchor and chain. (It’s not necessary to have more than a few feet of chain attached to the anchor. Most of the line can be nylon.) Danforth makes two different series, standard (S) and High Tensile (HT). The HT series provides much more holding power for its size and weight. It also has the benefit of sharpened edges for better penetration into clay bottoms.

For example, the S series recommended for boats up to 40 feet in winds up to 20kts is fairly large and weighs 25 lbs. The 12 pound HT series is rated for boats up 42’ in the same conditions.

Similar savings can be made with HT series chain. For example, ¼” HT40 chain is rated for a safe working load of 2600 lbs. To achieve the same strength in a “proof” chain, it is necessary to increase the chain diameter 2 sizes to 3/8”

PVC Concrete Anchor Weight - Joe Gennette

If you have the need for a concrete anchor to hold an inflatable mark, here is some helpful information about how much PVC pipe to use.  Using either 4" PVC or 6" PVC.  All lengths are rounded up to nearest inch.  All weights are approximate.

10# Anchor     4" x 8" PVC or  6" x 4" PVC

15# Anchor     4" x 12" PVC or 6" x 6" PVC  

20# Anchor     4" x 16" PVC or 6" x 8" PVC

25# Anchor     4" x 20" PVC or 6" x 10" PVC