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PUB. 102, International Code of Signals, 1969, Revised and Corrected 2005

Books - My favorite Knot Tying books, Authors - John Martin

Handbook of Knots, Expanded Edition by Des Pawson, is a big book in a small package.  It has all of the common knots, plus all of the decorative knots.  If you want to learn to tie a Turks Head, this is a must have book.

The Complete Riggers Apprentice by Brion Toss, is a great book for splicing, everyday knots, decorative knots, rigging with wire, block-and-tackle, and traditional techniques.

Decorative Knots by Geoffrey Budworth has several books on the market.  Also see his book on Sailing Knots.

The Marlinespike Sailor by Hervey Garrett Smith, is a deceptively simple book.  However, if you can tie all of the knots in this book, you will be very accomplished.

Books - Some good reading - Rich Kielb

Desperate Voyage, by by John Caldwell.  In May 1946 John Caldwell set out to sail from Panama to Sydney to reunite with his wife who he hadn't seen for more than a year. Eager to reach his destination and unable to secure any other form of transport, he had to resort to singlehanded seamanship.
      After an ignominious scene in the harbor, where a tangled anchor led him to take an early dip, he spent ten days learning the rudiments of navigation and sailing from a book, before embarking on the 9,000 mile journey aboard the 20-foot Pagan. Ahead lay a mission that was to reveal in him elements not only of astounding courage and determination, but also of incredible foolhardiness. Within 500 miles of Panama John Caldwell had already been shipwrecked once and had his boat's engine and cockpit destroyed by an angry shark. Indefatigable, he decided to press on towards his goal.He endured the terrors and discomforts of life on the high seas and enjoyed the triumphs of fighting and winning against the elements.
This is more than an exciting tale of sea-adventure. It is as compelling and unpredictable as a thriller. It is the story, witty and moving, of a man, motivated initially by love, and ultimately by his own fierce determination to survive.
Sex, Lies & Spinnakers, by Steve Van Slyke:
      Novice sailors Vivian and Mitch Sanford are on the adventure of a lifetime with their longtime friends experienced cruisers Jill and Henry Fullerton, sailing their two boats down the U.S. West Coast to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and on to the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia. When Jill and Henry are murdered in Puerto Vallarta the evidence points to robbery and a pair of Mexican fishermen. While the fishermen await trial, sailboats are allowed to leave for foreign ports. Too late a missing journal convinces Mitch the fishermen are innocent. The real murderer is sailing away to paradise. He and Vivian have a decision to make: are they capable of crossing the Pacific Ocean and bringing their friends' killer to justice? This sexy, action-packed sea adventure takes you on a roller coaster ride that never lets up
I'm Gonna Live My Life Like a Jimmy Buffett Song (Di Island Song Series, Volume 1), by Anthony Bjorklund: 
The first book of  Island Song Series, "I'm Gonna Live My Life Like A Jimmy Buffett Song" begins the adventures of Jack Danielson. Jack always thought he had the perfect recipe for happiness; a serious career, a tall, skinny, blonde girlfriend, and a condo full of Ikea furniture. But one day an icy Minnesota freeway and a Peterbilt truck make him rethink his choices in life, and he hits the road and migrates south in search of rum, spices, new experiences, and a song of his own to sing. Written as a tribute to Jimmy Buffett and the Parrot Head way, this light and breezy book is seasoned with a healthy peppering of Buffetteria, and is the perfect read for anyone who ever dreamed of chucking the daily grind and slowing down to live each moment to the fullest.
      Complete with a short guide to Key West, "I'm Gonna Live My Life Like a Jimmy Buffett Song" is almost as fun as a tropical vacation; well, almost.

The Sex Lives of Cannibals, by J. Maarten Troost: (the first of a series):
      At the age of twenty-six, Maarten Troost—who had been pushing the snooze button on the alarm clock of life by racking up useless graduate degrees and muddling through a series of temp jobs—decided to pack up his flip-flops and move to Tarawa, a remote South Pacific island in the Republic of Kiribati. He was restless and lacked direction, and the idea of dropping everything and moving to the ends of the earth was irresistibly romantic. He should have known better.

Getting Stoned with Savages: A Trip Through the Islands of Fiji and Vanuatu:by J. Maarten Troost: (the Second of a series):
    After two grueling years on the island of Tarawa, battling feral dogs, machete-wielding neighbors, and a lack of beer on a daily basis, Maarten Troost was in no hurry to return to the South Pacific. But as time went on, he realized he felt remarkably out of place among the trappings of twenty-first-century America. When he found himself holding down a job—one that might possibly lead to a career—he knew it was time for him and his wife, Sylvia, to repack their bags and set off for parts unknown.

Getting Stoned with Savages
tells the hilarious story of Troost’s time on Vanuatu—a rugged cluster of islands where the natives gorge themselves on kava and are still known to “eat the man.” Falling into one amusing misadventure after another, Troost struggles against typhoons, earthquakes, and giant centipedes and soon finds himself swept up in the laid-back, clothing-optional lifestyle of the islanders. When Sylvia gets pregnant, they decamp for slightly-more-civilized Fiji, a fallen paradise where the local chiefs can be found watching rugby in the house next door. And as they contend with new parenthood in a country rife with prostitutes and government coups, their son begins to take quite naturally to island living—in complete contrast to his dad.