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Dinghy's - John Martin

The three features to look for with any dinghy:  portability, durability, performance. 

Inflatable boats, made of either vinyl or hypalon, such as RU (roll ups), high pressure inflatable floors, or slat floors are usually very portable.  They can be deflated and stowed on deck or in a locker.  However, these boats can lack in performance, because they have no keel. 

Towing a Dinghy - Nancy Martin

Make sure you have a floating painter.  A painter is the line that is used to tows the dinghy and it should be about 2 times as long as the boat.  A floating painter is less likely to get caught in the propeller.

Floating Painter - Flavio Raymundo

If you are having a hard time finding a good quality tow line, use a ski rope.  They are plenty strong, plenty long, and are made of polypropylene or other floating line.