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Heat & Cold

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Air-conditioner - Jeff Andrews

This might be worth a try but it seems like it might melt a lot of ice on a hot day.

Hot Weather Awnings - John Martin

A simple, flat awning, just enough to cover the cockpit (8 x 10), will do wonders during the hot summer months, to keep the head out of the boat.  Try to find the material that has white on the top, and blue or green on the bottom.  The white reflects the heat, and the blue underside will provide a cool shade.

I have toyed with an idea over the years; use blue rip-stop nylon for an awning.  Rip-stop nylon can be purchased at a store like Hancock Fabrics.  Like a spinnaker, the awning is only used for a limited time, each day.  It is not meant to be exposed to the suns UV every day.  One of the benefits is compact storage. Another benefit is the project can be sewn on a home sewing machine.   In the corners, instead of grommets, sew a loop of nylon webbing.  If you make an awning like this, let me know, keep me posted on how it holds up.

Cold  Weather- John Martin

'Mister Buddy', enough said.