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Docking & Raft-ups

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Docking (Rafting) - John Martin

There is a saying, 'don't tie the dock to the boat, tie the boat to the dock'.   Always pass the loop-end of your line to the dock, then cleat-off on your boat.  Now your boats position can be adjusted without leaving your boat.  If you are rafted to another boat, and the weather/wind changes during the night, you will not have get onto another boat to adjust your boat..

Dock Lines - John Martin

It is recommended that you have at least 4 dock lines on-board.  Two dock lines should be longer than the boat.  And, two dock lines should be shorter than the boat.  If purchasing new, make  the short dock lines one color, and the longer dock lines another color.  When you tie up to a dock (or raft) use the short dock line on the stern, and the longer dock line on the bow.  A third dock line will be used as a spring line.