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Galley -  Nancy Martin

One thing we find very useful in our galley is the "Ove" Glove . It is great for handling hot pots and pans.   It works well in the galley and ashore around the camp-fire.  Maximum hot surface temperature is 540° F.

Aboard Carina we use two hammocks for storage of food items.  These are not store bought items, but a simple sewing project.  We used a square of material 3' x 3' and some para-cord.  At the fabric store, buy some jersey material, cut to a 3' x 3' square, and sew a 1" hem all around.  Thread para-cord thru the four edges and tension/hang as needed.  Stop by Carina and see our hammocks in action.

Galley Checklist - Nancy Martin

    Coffee Cups
    Glasses (Plastic)
    Pots & pans
            2 qt sauce pan
            1 qt sauce pan
            10" skillet
            8" skillet
            Coffee pot
    'Sparker' (for lighting propane grill, camp-fires)
    Food stowage plastic containers
    Zip-Lock Bags (gallon size and quart size)
    Expandable marshmallow forks
and Ove-Glove

    Paper towels and Paper towel holder
    Non-skid place mats

Food - Nancy Martin

I keep an ongoing, boat-shopping-list, in my smart phone.  We can stop at the grocery store on a moments notice on the way to the boat.

Recipes - Submarine Coffee - John Martin

I was sailing in Maine, with my friend Leo, aboard his Cape Dory 33.  Maine is cold, even in the middle of summer.  Sailing off shore usually required full, foul weather gear.  Any little treat is greatly appreciated.  Leo was in the Navy, aboard a submarine, duty was usually eat, sleep, and work.  Sometimes you never leave your duty station.  They would take a cup of coffee and mix in it, a package of instant oatmeal.  At first I thought this was just weird.   One cold watch, Leo handed me a cup of coffee, mixed with instant oatmeal.  When I tried it that first time, I was hooked.  Anytime it is wet or cold, this is a great pick-me-up.  The Submarine Coffee recipe is simple:  mix a package of instant oatmeal in a cup of hot coffee.  I like brown sugar and maple flavor.  Try it sometime, I think you will like it.