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Knots & Knot Tying

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Six Knot Speed Challenge - John Martin

There is an international competition to tie these 6 important knots as fast as possible.

How fast can you tie these 6 knots:

        Clove Hitch
        Round Turn + Two Half Hitches
        Sheet Bend
        Square Knot

You won't believe what the world record is.

10 Knot Challenge - John Martin

Bunt-line Hitch
Cleat Hitch
Coil a Line
Figure Eight
Rolling Hitch (Taunt-line Hitch)
Sheet Bend
Square Knot
Tiller Hitch

Silver Challenge - John Martin

Bowline, Other Hand
Butterfly Knot
Carrick Bend
Constrictor Knot
Clove Hitch
Cow Hitch
Prusic Knot
Sheepshank Knot
Timber Hitch
Turk's Head

Gold Challenge - John Martin