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Distance - John Martin

To measure distance on a nautical chart, always use the LATITUDE scale.  The latitude scale is found on the left or right edge of the chart, and is measured either north or south.

A latitude arc of 1.0
° = 60.0' = 60.0 nm.
A latitude arc of 1.0' = 1.0 nm = 6080 feet.
A latitude arc of 0.1' = 600 feet

Variation - John Martin

The magnetic compass variation for Lake Lanier is 5° W.

Charts - John Martin

The best paper chart for Lake Lanier is from Atlantic Mapping, in Marietta, GA.  Make sure you get the SOUTH version.  It is printed on water proof paper, and is very durable.

The word CHART is used on the water, the word MAP is for land use onlyCharts will show the world from the water point of view.  A chart shows water depth, bridge clearance, aids to navigation, heights of towers, compass rose (with variation), longitude and latitude lines.  A chart is three-dimensional.  A map shows land detail and is two dimensional.