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Reefing Practice - John Martin

Reefing is one of the most important skills a sailor can learn.  When taking a reef in the mainsail, it is usually done during very difficult conditions, such as high wind, waves, and the boat may be out of control.  A reef should be done very quickly to get the boat back under control.  Practice is the key to good reefing.  The best time to practice is on a calm day, at the dock.  Practice reefing under controlled conditions.  When the time comes to reef for real, the practice will be time well spent.

Reefing - John Martin

There is a saying, "Reef Early, Reef Often".  If you are thinking "Should I reef?", the answer is almost always YES.  It is easy to shake-out a reef, if the wind never builds.  To put-in a reef in high wind is difficult at best.  Usually the boat of over powered, and may be out of control.  Reef early and sail comfortable.