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Temperature range - John Martin

The normal temperature range for this part of the country is about 20° F.

Weather Forecasting - John Martin

The TV weather forecasters for a major metropolitan area are forecasting the weather for the people who live downtown, and in the suburbs.  They are concerned with the people going to the mall, the park, or the ballgame.  They are NOT forecasting  the weather for the boaters on local area lakes.  You can always count on the fact that the temperature on the water may be 5° to 10° cooler than downtown.  The day on the water usually starts early, and goes all day, and into the evening.  The resources that are on the boat are what you have to keep you warm, and dry.  Always be prepared for a cooler day and be prepared if it starts to rain.  A long-sleeve pull-over and a fleece vest will do wonders if the temperature drops a few degrees.