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WEEKEND in REAR-VIEW: Cuddle-up Raft-up and Nippert #5

posted Apr 18, 2016, 7:33 PM by Communications Officer Ssc   [ updated Apr 18, 2016, 7:35 PM ]
Two perfect days for sailing and flamping (float-camping??) what else could you ask for! Weather in the mid-70's and wind blowing 20 at times on Saturday! Eight boats made our raft-up and six cuddled-up over night to enjoy another stellar day on Lake Lanier Sunday.


RACING - Thanks to everyone that came out for our final Nippert race this weekend.  We had some close racing, especially at the crazy end!  The winds were good all the way up until about the last mile.  This is where mother nature started playing games with us.  The typical shifts and dead air stuff Lanier likes to throw at us but everyone eventually got a break and she let us finish.  Congrats to our race winners.  Pat Finnick won race #5 in High Performance and Francois Rivard won the Cruiser Fleet.  Check the club website race results, which are posted to see who won overall.  One Skipper won by only 1 point in the cruiser fleet! 

This coming weekend we have the Masters Race.  Please come out and enjoy this spring racing.  If you don't have a boat, come out anyway and we'll find you a boat.  See the attached link for the NOR and SI's.

Masters NOR

Masters SI's

Don't have a boat? Want to crew for someone else, or maybe just catch a ride to see what this sailing thing is all about? No Problem! Just enter in your contact information below and we'll see that someone gives you a lift!
The "Need a lift" program is offered by Southern Sailing Club with the following intentions in mind:

  1. To provide our members with the opportunity to sail if they don't have a boat or would like to sail with others to learn more.
  2. To offer potential new members the opportunity to go out on a sailboat if they have not experienced this before, to help them decide if this may be of interest to them.

Southern Sailing Club assumes no responsibility for the safety of the participants and cannot be held liable for any injury, accident or loss incurred when participating in this program.