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Weekend of April 16 & 17, 2016

posted Apr 14, 2016, 6:59 AM by Communications Officer Ssc

Temps in the high 60's to low 70's, wind 10-20; the weather is shaping up to be the perfect sailing weekend and we have two events on the docket.

Our Cuddle-up Raft Up is from Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Catch up with friends and get ready for warmer weather. Everyone responsible for feeding their own crew but there is always some tasty morsel to share.

Location is as follows but keep an eye on Facebook for last minute changes.

Sunset Cove:
At 10TM (Two Mile Creek). 
Approximate Latitude and Longitude: N 34° 13.300', W 083° 59.100'

From marker 'C', go through the cut to the back side of the island*. Or, from marker 'B' , go to the back side of the island. Be careful of shallow water and reefs when coming from either the 'C' or 'B' direction. Find LL-marker-10TM (Two Mile Creek), turn south (leaving 10TM on your port). Caution, there is a dead tree, just below the surface of the water, right in the middle of the cove and another on the right side (as entering) of the cove. Enter and exit the cove just north of center.

NOTE: Water depth; while going through the cut near marker C, we saw a depth of 7.5'. The Lake Lanier level, on that day was 1071.0'. Do the math for your boat. Always exercise caution in shallow water.

Sunday is the 5th and last of the Nippert series races. Skipper's meeting is at 10am at Aqualand at the bath house nearest X dock.

Whether you are a cruiser or racer, we have an event for you this weekend. Join us for the overnight raft-up then stay and watch the race on Sunday!