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Our Mission is Simple: To provide an exciting, affordable, and family-oriented club that actively seeks to enrich the sailing experiences of its members with programs, which support safety, seamanship, and performance.

Levels of Membership: Memberships come in two levels, Full and Associate. Full Membership is for those with or without a boat. The Associate Membership is reserved for those without a boat, but would like to be a part of the SSC tradition. This level of membership is ideal for crew members easing into the community.

Annual Dues for a Full Membership are only $60.00.
Annual Dues for an Associate Membership are only $30.00.
To remain an active member, dues should be paid annually by March 1 - click here for payment options.
Tradition: Much of what makes the Southern Sailing Club (SSC) such an appealing organization is it's firm foundation in tradition. Since its inception, the principles that have navigated this club over the years have never wavered. The programs and activities that helped make SSC a great club in 1975 are still in place today.

The Right Size: With a membership of about 60 families, SSC is neither too big nor too small. This means you won't get lost in the crowd, and you won't be forgotten. And don't be tricked into thinking that boat ownership is a pre-requisite to membership. Many members have started their sailing adventures as crew on the boats of others. Crew is almost always in demand, plus, it's a great way to learn. Show up to a race...and we'll get you on a boat!

Something for All: Whether you're a Racer, a Cruiser, or simply new to sailing, SSC has something to offer everyone. With an annual calendar that is packed full of racing competition, beach parties, and socials like the world famous chili cook-off, Lobster Bake, and the Commodore's Ball, it is hard to find a weekend with nothing to do.

Laid Back Competitive Racing: The SSC calendar is always full offering several series races, open regattas, and fun races throughout the year. SSC has adopted a plan that simplifies the typical racing program and allows the main focus to be on fun and performance. In this way we are able to encourage the cruiser as well as the racer to participate. Using PHRF handicaps and the famous SSC pursuit start, each boat's time handicap is calculated in a skipper's individual start time. This gives slower boats a head start and can make for some exciting finishes. The starting sequence is based on the honor system and we have no protest committee. After each race, we gather for refreshments, camaraderie, a story or two about the day's sailing, and awards.

Cruising: Perhaps you're just not into that racing thing. Perhaps you consider yourself just a recreational weekend warrior. Well, if that is the case, then our cruising fleet might just be the ticket. They are very active. Several times a year the cruising fleet will schedule planned voyages on Lanier. They will pick a destination to fetch. No hustle. No bustle. No hurry. No Problem. The day will normally end in some remote cove where the fleet will raft-up for the day or night to relax and share a story or two.
Interested in joining our club?  Please submit a membership application and our yeoman will be in touch shortly!