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Race Program Sailing Instructions

2017 SSC Race Program Sailing Instructions

The Race Commodore and Officer's of Southern Sailing Club represent the SSC Race Program organizing authority. These Sailing Instructions cover all Southern Sailing Club race events unless otherwise posted. Notice is hereby given that all participants (including spectators, officials and others) participate in these events solely at their own risk.

1. RULES All SSC Fleet Races will be governed by the current edition of The Racing Rules of Sailing, the prescriptions of the United States Sailing Association, and these sailing instructions.

2. ENTRIES AND ELIGIBILITY Eligible boats may be entered by completing registration with the organizing authority. All PHRF competitors shall be auxiliary sailboats having a current valid Lake Lanier PHRF certificate. If a boat does not have a current PHRF certificate, the organizing authority may assign a temporary rating until such time as a valid PHRF certificate is obtained.

3. NOTICES TO COMPETITORS The SSC web site serves as the official notice board. Notices to competitors will be published on the notice as quickly as possible. Plus any other notices to competitors will be announced at the skipper's meeting before the race.

4. REGISTRATION AND SKIPPER'S MEETING Race registration and skipper's meeting is held on the morning of each race. The meeting begins at 10:00 A.M. in the Aqualand parking lot near dock "ZA" and the bathhouse.

5. SCHEDULE OF RACES All scheduled races are posted on the SSC web site which serves as the official notice board for these club races.

6. FLEETS The SSC race program consists of two fleets, a High Performance (HP) fleet and a Racer Cruiser (RC) fleet.

6.1 The HP fleet will consist of designs built for performance racing and all other boats flying a spinnaker. If a boat sailing in the HP fleet should decide to race non-spinnaker, that skipper will receive a 30 second adjustment to the boat's PHRF rating.

6.2 The RC fleet will consist of true displacement cruising and racer-cruiser designs sailing non-spinnaker. To promote more timely finishes, all RC boats will add an additional 30 seconds to their LLPHRF rating before determining their start time.

6.3 The Race Commodore or designated representative will, if necessary, make final determinations as to fleet placement in the event questions arise about a boat's fleet designation.

 7. NEW SKIPPER'S HANDICAP For the purposes of the SSC race program only, the Race Commodore may assign a PHRF adjustment to the rating of a boat with a skipper new to racing. If awarded, 15 seconds will be added to the members LLPHRF rating. The adjustment will remain in place until the skipper places a third or better in any SSC event with a fleet of six or more boats, or after such time that the Race Commodore determines the adjustment is no longer necessary.

8. RACING AREA The racing area for all PHRF fleets will be determined and announced at the skipper's meeting.

9. SAFETY It is each and every competitor's responsibility to provide for his/her personal safety and to follow the requirements of operating a boat in the State of Georgia. The decision to wear a personal flotation device and the decision to start or continue a race is the sole responsibility of each competitor.

10. THE COURSE The course will be posted on the official course board and will be displayed during the skipper's meeting. If temporary marks are used, the course designation will show the closest permanent mark followed by "T" and the direction the mark is to be rounded. (For example 16TP meaning round the temporary mark closest to Corps of Engineers mark 16 leaving it to port.)

10.1 MARKS Marks used for SSC racing will be either Lake Lanier Sailing Club permanent marks or Corps of Engineers permanent marks. If temporary marks are used, the marks will be orange or yellow tetrahedrons or any other device as decided by the racing authority.

11. THE START All starts are based on the honor system as no race committee is usually on station to monitor and police the starting sequence.

 11.1 The Races will be started using the pursuit start system.

11.2 Each boat will have its own specific start time as determined by each boats specific PHRF rating and course length. Start times for each boat will be obtained at the skipper's meeting.

11.3 The Starting Line is an imaginary line that extends no further than 20 yards and is perpendicular to the first mark. For a proper start, you must start within 20 yards of the proper side of the starting mark as indicated on the official course board.

11.4 The order of starts for each race is determined by your boats specific start time.

11.5 Boats that are not starting should keep clear of the starting area as to not interfere with those that are starting.

11.6 Again, all starts are based upon the honor system. It is the responsibility of each skipper to synchronize his or her own starting watch with that of the official starting clock posted on the official course board at the skipper's meeting.

12. THE FINISH All finishes are based on the honor system as no race committee is usually on station to monitor and police the order of finish.

12.1 The Finish Line is an imaginary line that extends no further than 20 yards and is perpendicular to the last mark. For a proper finish, you must end your race within 20     yards of the proper side of the finishing mark as indicated on the official course board.

12.2 As part of the published course, one mark will be determined to be the short finish mark along with a designated time. All skippers should take and record their short finish time for each race.

12.3 The short finish will be used to score each fleet in which the first place boat does not reach the short finish mark by the pre-determined time, or if all boats have rounded the short finish mark and it is determined by proper authority that conditions warrant shortening the race. Note: The rules for a proper finish still apply to a "Short Course" finish.

12.4 In the event a race is shortened, the order of finish may require adjusting as start times were based on a course with a longer distance.

12.5 All skippers responsible for keeping up with their own finish times. Once again, this is based on the honor system.

12.6 As part of the published course, a motor-up time will be determined. If a boat does not finish the entire race by the predetermined time, the race is over for that skipper and the boat will receive a Did-Not-Finish (DNF) for the race.

13. PROTESTS The Southern Sailing Club has no formal Protest committees. All infractions that are not successfully satisfied on the race course will be worked out between the parties involved at the race raft/dirt up. Remember, it is more about the sailing than it is the racing!

14. SCORING The High-Point scoring system will apply to all club race series.

14.1 RACES TO COUNT AND MINIMUM REQUIRED All series will consist of 5 races.  To qualify for inclusion in the final series results, a boat shall compete in (i.e., come to the starting area) for at least 60% of the races completed.

14.2 RACE SCORES Define 'N' to be the number of boats that compete in a particular race.  Each boat finishing that race and not thereafter retiring or being disqualified, will be scored as follows:

Finishing place            Score
First                           N
Second                       N-1
Third                          N-2
Fourth                        N-3
Each place thereafter   Subtract 1 point less than her finishing position

All other boats that compete in that race, including any that finish and thereafter retire or are disqualified, will score 0 points.  Boats that do not compete in that race (DNC) will not be scored.

14.3 SERIES SCORES The series score for each boat will be a percentage calculated as follows: divide the sum of her race scores by the sum of the points she would have scored if she had placed first in every race in which she competed; multiply the result by 100.  The qualified boat with the highest series score is the winner and others are ranked accordingly.

14.4 TIES AND OTHER RULES Race ties will be handled using rule A7.  Series ties will be broken using A8.1.  Rules A1, A3, A5, A6, A10, and A11 also apply.

15. TRASH Any boat observed by the race committee throwing trash into the lake may be penalized. This shall not be grounds for protest by a competitor.